Health Myths Debunked?

For decades and ages together, we have been following certain guidelines and superstitions. Most of them are ingrained, and some of them are taught to us by our ancestors. They never really leave us. Unless and until someone opens our eyes. And, debunks a myth. Likewise, health myths are present in every family. Some of them are really funny, and the rest are religiously followed. Let’s get jaw-dropped trying to figure out the health myths that people still believe and religiously follow:

Addiction Affects People In The Same Way:

For instance, a 40-year-old woman is addicted to painkillers. And, a 27-year-old woman is addicted to coffee. Each body gets addicted differently. Both these women have different mental health issues, medical issues, hereditary, predispositions, and family histories. No substance is“more addictive” and no person is “more addictive”.

Microwave Kills Food Nutrients

In the case of a microwave, shorter heat exposure is there, which is not possible when you use a stove. As compared to other cooking methods, a microwave is a better option to “retain” vitamins and minerals. Plus, to retain the nutritional value in a microwave, you could cover up a microwave bowl with a minimal amount of water.

Drink Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day

You must drink water whenever you are thirsty. Whenever you are not, you must force-feed water down your throat. This is the basic formula that you must follow. 8 glasses of water equate 2.5 liters. But the overall intake of water cannot be measured. Water intake through foods and drinks. They cannot be measured. Hence, you must drink whenever you are thirsty. No amount of water is enough as your body is 70 percent water.

Cold Air And Cold Climate Causes Colds

This may not be true for all. Your parents might have warned you umpteen number of times, to not expose yourself to the outside cold temperatures. Colds are spread by viruses and viruses are present throughout the year. Colds are generally seen in the winter months because people get clamped up indoors, and viruses spread faster in closed spaces.

The 5-Seconds Rule For Dropped Food Items

This is not true. Bacteria can get onto your food in milliseconds. especially, if your food is a moist item. Dry foods are not bacteria’s favorite, as compared to moist food. Many tests have been conducted, but there’s no duration rule. If your floor has bacteria, then it will grab onto your food the second you drop it. You can eat it if it’s just you who walks on the floor, but if it’s a public floor, then it’s not recommended.

Don’t Sleep With Wet Hair

Sleeping with wet hair will cause colds. You will not catch a flu virus if you sleep with wet hair. Viruses are present in the air, and they are contagious, So Only When You Come In Contact With One, Will You Catch A Cold.

Chocolate Can Cause Acne

Really? We would all give up on that then. But this is not true. A study was conducted over school kids, and it was found that chocolates have no connection with zit formation.

Peeling Fruit Or Vegetable

A maximum amount of nutrients like Vitamin K, A, C, and calcium are found in the skin of fruits and vegetables. So now on, think before you peel off nutrients!
Cracking Your Finger Joints Leads To Arthritis
Nitrogen gas gets collected when the joints move. The cracking sound is thus caused due to the bursting of nitrogen gas in a vacuum. Painless cracking of joints is normal, but if you do experience pain, do speak to your doctor.

Salt Causes Heart Attack And Raised Blood Pressure Levels
A very common and popular belief. For those affected with hypertension, are advised to avoid salt or have a reduced-salt intake. But for those who are normal, they must consume salt. Reducing salt intake reduces blood pressure by 1 or 5 mm of Hg.

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