Healthy Gut, Healthier Life: Explore the Top Superfoods with Us


The phrase, go with your gut, is nothing but true. Yes, you should always listen to your gut instinct. The 40 trillion bacteria present in it work ceaselessly, which helps in powering the entire body.

Why is Gut Health Important?

Our gut is composed of a host of microbes which can impact the physiology. It helps the brain and the body to function as it should. The gut microbes have an effect on,

How you are storing fat

How you are responding to the hormones

How you are balancing the glucose level in your blood

The wrong mix can lead to health problems and obesity in later life. If facts are to be noted, our gut bacteria produces neurotransmitters that regulate our mood.

In simple terms, the wellness of the brain and body depends on gut health.

The key is to maintain a diet rich in fermented food and probiotics. This will lead to the proliferation of good bacteria. Here are a few examples of superfoods that are not just good for your diet but also helps you to shed a few kilos.


This is a naturally fermented food which contains Lactobacillus bacteria. This will get rid of bad bacteria and will help good bacteria to flourish. If you are suffering from lower irritable bowel syndrome such as bloating, gas, and indigestion, Sauerkraut can prove to be really useful. Moreover, Sauerkraut has a sour taste which means it has organic acids. This will help the probiotic to work its magic.


Your favorite summertime fruit can help in keeping good bacteria in the gut alive. You can prepare a delectable smoothie to drink in the morning using this fruit. Experts have to say that if you incorporate it in your daily diet, it will help in improving your gut health. It can also control blood sugar and body fat. The fruit has a great nutritional profile and can be beneficial for your health.


Kefir is quite popular in Eastern Europe. It is prominent as liquid yogurt. Kefir has at least ten active and live strains of bacteria in comparison to the other yogurt. This is what makes it so great.


Regular yogurt is also a great option to boost your gut health. Full-fat, grass-fed, and plain yogurt is rich in probiotics. The type of probiotic that is present in yogurt will help in getting rid of the harmful fungus. In fact, beneficial probiotics can repair your gut and treat various other symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is rich in nutrition and is packed with potassium, healthy fats, B vitamins, protein, and selenium. It contains omega-3 fatty acid. This is known for its wide array of health benefits. Apart from lowering the risk of heart disease, controlling your diabetes, and maintaining your weight, it can also treat the inflamed gut. It can also prevent future episodes.


This is basically a beverage made from fermented foods. It is prepared from rye bread which means that it is full of health benefits. Kvass has probiotics which protect you from infection, especially when a bad bacteria shows up. It will provide you with a dose of good bacteria that will keep away infection all throughout the year.

Achieving optimal health through these superfoods is more just focusing on the latest food trends. Eat nutritious food every day, and you wont need supplements to maintain a healthy gut. The shift from a diet based on meats, processed foods, and carbohydrates to the one that emphasizes plants. Remember, a healthy gut means a happy human.


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