What can you do when people are not following COVID19 norms

Remember those days when you used to roam around freely without any stress about who is around you. We used to love crowded places. Isn’t it? But now it is different we see people with masks, face shields all around. People trying to maintain distance, carrying sanitizers, it feels different and weird. But some do not understand the importance of this and are not following the distancing norms. What can you do?

Safety considerations are a must. Let’s take an instance. There are chances that you are aware and are following everything you can, but your teenage kid or elders of the family are not. Well, the first step is to help them realize the criticality of the situation. You can start by discussing what the virus is, what it can do, and how it can easily affect the less immune like children and elders.

Safety consideration of you and your family should be a critical and top priority. If you are at a crowded place like markets, etc. try to follow norms, but if people are not following, then don’t try to explain things on their own as it might trigger a violent reaction. Thus, we request that you contact the authorities of the place to help calm the situation. Getting involved in a fight can never result in anything good. Even if you are doing it on your own, try not to over-explain.

Don’t overstress is another beneficial rule to follow. The pandemic is there, undoubtedly not leaving us any time soon, so we should try to cope with it and prevent it as much as possible.

Communicate honestly to your loved ones. You have set your boundaries and don’t allow people around you to change your concerns and practices. If somebody is pushing you to hang out with them, communications in the right direction ill always are fruitful and healthy.

On the other hand, communication is never a one – way street, so listening is a powerful tool. Understand what they want to say; it always helps.

I hope you will follow the above steps and stay happy and safe.

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