What You Need to Know about the Health Benefits of Dried Apricot

Dried apricots

Some claim that apricot is the perfect food which can offer you immense benefits. However, despite the enthusiastic support from the health freaks, many dont really use this wonder food.

It is slightly sweet, yet it would not trespass your diet limit. If there is one food which must be there in your diet chart it is apricot. In fact dried apricot comes with high fiber and extremely high health benefits.

Before going any further lets have a look at the health benefits of dried apricot.

Dried Apricot Offers Fiber

If you are looking for foods that are high on fiber, apricot is the one you should turn to. This is not only beneficial for weight loss plan. This is also beneficial for digestive system. If you want something which will help you digest better, dry apricot is the food you should make friends with. Studies have shown that dried apricot can lower cholesterol level as well.

Low Calorie

Calorie count can be painful. It is like looking at an invisible sword all the time. If you are into dieting, you need to eat foods that are low in calorie count. You will be amazed to know that dried apricot is low on calorie. This is why you can keep munching on this food without feeling guilty about breaking your diet resolution. There is another benefit of dried apricot. Because the food is high on fiber, you will not feel hungry once you have munched on this. It will keep you full for a long time.

High on Nutrition Value

Nutritional value of dried apricot is high. This food will keep your anxiety level down. If you are prone to feel agitated, turn to dried apricot. You will feel better as you munch this. Because of the high fiber level, dried apricot is known to cure muscle spasm. If you suffer from muscle cramp, you should include dried apricot to your food list.

There are many other health benefits of dried apricot. It promotes cell growth. Therefore, if you have kids, this is the food you should encourage them to have. Immune system is another thing which dried apricot protects. If you want to banish illness from your family, add dried apricot to your daily diet.

In case, you are suffering from eye related problems, use dried apricot for improved vision. It is known to help curing eye related problems.

Uses of Dried Apricot

If you find dried apricot boring, you should know that there are fun ways to use this food. Given below are some dried apricot uses.

Dried Apricot with Ice Cream

You can garnish low fat ice cream with dried apricot to make it tastier. Just sprinkle a handful of dried apricot on the low fat ice cream and you will have a yummy desert. Here the dried apricot will be substitute for chocolate.

Salad Garnish

If you are looking for vitamin A, you can add dried apricot to your chicken salad. Be it chicken salad or low fat pasta, dried apricot can be a great item for garnishing. It will increase the nutritional value of the dish.

Snack on It

Because dried apricot is tasty, you can use it as it is. You can have a healthy snack anytime you want. Just fill a packet with dried apricot and you are ready to go.

There are various uses of this wonder food. You can use it to garnish your fruit salad or you can dip it in low fat yogurt for a healthy meal. Just make sure to add this food to your daily diet for a health boost.

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