Will we survive the pandemic – COVID – 19

The year 2020 brought some unexpected and vulnerable situations for the entire earth. Well, when no one ever thought that a pandemic could cause humans to be restricted to their homes.

Let’s start with understanding what COVID 19 or the coronavirus disease is.

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a contagious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.
Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 will experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. With origin as China, this disease has now spread over to the entire world, causing a worldwide lockdown situation. As the disease can easily spread by touching or coming in contact with the contaminated surface, this was a severe concern for every nation’s leadership. Thus, leading to such stringent living situations where people are bound to their homes and asked to maintain social distancing at every step.

Offices are shut down; markets are open only to access the essential items, and there is a restlessness among the masses as we are still not close to any permanent vaccine or cure. Currently, as of the date, we have over 5 million and over 3 hundred thousand deaths.

The question we face today is significant and haunting almost every human being. Will we survive?
So, Coronavirus is not a new virus, but something of the same family has attacked the world, and yes, we have survived.

History of Coronavirus –

One of the significant symptoms of Coronavirus is high fever and cold. In 2016, a woman was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of cold, flu, and irregular breathing. Almost all tests regularly came except the bacterial infection 229E. This happened to be known as the first-ever case of Coronavirus.

The findings of the are virus created a lot of stir among the media. Although these viruses were not researched much until the emergence of SARS in 2003, with this outbreak, the study of Coronavirus enlarged and, in those times, led to infecting around 10,000 people and killing a few 100s.

What steps to take during this pandemic?

Although the majority of us are restricted to homes maintaining the social distancing norms, we must keep ourselves in check at home.

Let us understand the necessary steps to keep this virus at bay.
Checking your and family member’s symptoms is the first step. Some of the common symptoms include –

Loss of appetite
Body aches
Shortness of breath
Loss of smell

These symptoms generally result in around 2- 14 days after coming in contact with the virus.
Some of the emergency symptoms include constant pressure around your chest, irregular or trouble in breathing, blushed lips, or confusion. In the case of such symptoms, it is suggested that you contact the nearest clinic or facility and explain yourself in detail. Never ignore symptoms.
Hygiene is an important step. Washing your hands at regular intervals with a sanitizer is a mandate. If you are going outside, make it a habit that you use face mask always. Homemade masks or clinical masks work.
Maintaining a 2 feet distance with people when you are out and try avoiding crowded places as much possible.
We hope that our blog helps you in some way, and you keep yourself safe during these troubled times.

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